Image Use

The Museum has over 30,000 artefact images that can be viewed on our database, or Artefacts Canada.

We can provide images for both web publication, and high-resolution images for print publication.

Website Use

We ask that if you download a low-resolution image for use on a web site, that you also include a credit with the image, "From the Collection of the Museum of Health Care at Kingston", and if possible, a link to our web site.

Print Publication

If you would like to use a high-resolution version of one of our images, please email us and let us know:

  • what image you are interested in
  • what resolution you require
  • how the image is to be used
  • deadline to receive image
  • what position you would like, ie. in the same position / layout as shown on the on-line database or a different view or particular detail
  • if the image can be e-mailed, or exchanged on Dropbox.

We will ask that you complete a Copyright Request Form, which will be sent to you after we receive your request, and credit the Museum as set out in this form.

The fee schedule for eBook, print, or video publication of our images is as follows:.

- Commercial Publications: $100.00
- Educational Publications: $50.00

** Please note that it can take up to two weeks to receive High Resolution images.

Community groups, researchers and project partners may qualify for discounts.


We welcome requests to film Museum of Health Care artefacts or spaces and will review them on an individual basis. Please email us and let us know:

- what artefacts, spaces, or interviews you're interested in
- dates and times requested for filming
- what is the title and purpose of the project
- if filming on site, what equipment and how many crew members will you bring
- what are the proposed uses of the footage, i.e. TV broadcast, home video, DVD, webcast, publication

For more information, please contact us!