For Service to Humanity: Nursing Gallery Opening (Nov 2008)

For Service to Humanity: Nursing Gallery Opening

On November 13, 2008, the Museum of Health Care celebrated the opening of the new Celebration of Nursing Gallery.

For Service to Humanity:
Nursing Education at Kingston General Hospital
A permanent gallery dedicated to nurses

Part One:
A Place of Their own: Purpose-built Architecture for Nurses

Dr. Dianne Dodd
National Historic Site Directorate, Parks Canada

Part Two:
Nursing Education – In the Beginning – Keys to Success
Dr. Lynn Kirkwood
Canadian Association of the History of Nursing

Part Three:
The Ann Baillie Building and the School of Nursing: How We Lived and Learned
Mrs. Clare Rayner
Nursing Instructor and KGH Nurses’ Alumnae

Part Four:
Nursing Education Today – Continuity Within Change
Dr. Alice Baumgart
Emeritus Professor of Nursing, Queen’s University

Part Five:
Temperature-Taking & Text Book – Creating the Nursing Gallery
Paul Robertson
Curator, Museum of Health Care

Our Thanks To:
The Museum of Health Care is grateful for the generous contributions the following organisations and individuals in the creation of this Gallery:
Ontario Trillium Foundation
Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (Job Creation Partnership)
City of Kingston, Healthy Community Fund
Kingston General Hospital Nurses’ Alumnae Association
Paul Robertson
Content Advisors:

Hilda Lake, R.N.
Marilyn Boston, R.N.
Clare Rayner, R.N.
Lorna Knight
Felicity Pope
Lynn Kirkwood, R.N.
Dr. James Low
Archival Images:
Kingston General Hospital Archives
Queen’s University Archives