KGH Nursing Memory Book

Dear Graduate of the Kingston General Hospital School of Nursing:

Thank you very much for your interest in the Museum of health Care’s Memory Book project. This questionnaire is an important component in our efforts to collect and preserve the recollections and stories of the many women who were students at the Kingston General Hospital School of Nursing between 1886 and 1974.
In 2004 the Museum began documenting the history of nursing education at KGH in support of our plans to create a permanent Nursing Gallery in the Ann Baillie Building and a complementary website. When the exhibition and website are completed, the Museum will better be able to communicate to the public the role that the 1904 Kingston General Hospital Nurses’ me (now knows as the Ann Baillie Building) played in the lives of nursing students and the significance of its designation as a National Historic Site commemorating the history of nursing education in Canada. In addition, exhibits will explore the rich history of the School itself.
The Questionnaire: As you work through this Memory Book, please feel free to answer only those questions you feel reflect your recollections of student life at the Kingston General Hospital School of Nursing. We have included a number of questions in each section in the hope that some may serve to jog your memory.
To contribute to the Memory Book project, we ask that you:
  • Fill in the Memory Book with your stories: hard copy or electronic
  • Sign the enclosed release form (this allows the Museum to use the information you have provided)
  • Return the completed questionnaire by mail, hand delivery or email
Along with the Museum’s comprehensive collection of nursing artefacts, the information collected will be preserved as a source for researchers and Museum staff: curator, collections staff, interpretive and educational who present the Ann Baillie Building to the public.
We greatly appreciate your help with this important project. By completing this Memory Book, you have helped the Museum to preserve another valuable piece of Canadian nursing history.

Download memory book as a PDF or email us for an editable version.