Welcome to the Educational Module section of the Fighting for Breath: Stopping the TB Epidemic online exhibition presented by the Museum of Health Care.

Use the menu buttons above to navigate to the grade level you are interested in. We have provided a Lesson Plan for instructors and a separate Student Worksheet (as applicable) in PDF format for each activity.

These curriculum linked activities and worksheets will engage participants with the central ideas of the exhibition. Between one and five activities have been designed for each section of the exhibition, testing understanding and asking participants to demonstrate and apply their knowledge. Instructors may choose to complete each activity or select those most appropriate to the interest and level of their groups.


  • To provide curriculum linked activities that will engage participants in a thoughtful way with the exhibition content.
  • To confirm comprehension of exhibit materials and provide opportunities for users to apply their knowledge in creative ways.

Although we have identified curriculum links for the grade 5 Ontario curriculum, activities would be suitable for higher grade levels with minor adjustments.

French translations of these worksheets will be available soon.