A Stubborn Illness: The Health of the Macdonald Family


A Stubborn Illness tells the story of Sir John A Macdonald’s family from the viewpoint of health and sickness. Like many other families of their time, the Macdonalds were afflicted by a variety of health issues, their cause and treatment offering a rare glimpse into the world of Victorian medicine in Canada. This exhibit not only explores these ailments, their cause and treatments, but also the involvement of the Macdonalds, and their physician, in the development of health care in Kingston.  It also invites visitors to explore traditional family medicine and its links to modern science, and to share some of their own secrets.


Exhibit produced by: Maxime Chouinard, Project manager

Design/Production: Brittany Cruickshank, Building Tradition, Kathy Karkut

With support from the staff of the museum: Ashley Mendes, Diana Gore

The Museum acknowledges the support of the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Sites.