Trench Menders: Health Care during the First World War

Trench Menders: Health Care during the First World War explores the role of the health care specialists who worked to save lives at home and abroad during the Great War. Through this exhibit you will discover the new challenges of the war such as gas warfare or shell shock but also the developments in the fields of nursing, medicine or dentistry and which still have an impact today. This exhibit also invites visitors to participate by sharing pictures and stories of their family connected to health care in the First World War.

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  • Read blog post "Voluntary Veil: The Canadian Voluntary Aid Detachment in the First World War" by Curator Maxime Chouinard.


Exhibit produced by: Maxime Chouinard, Project manager

Consultant: Robert Engen

Design/production: Brittany Cruickshank, E.A.C. Building Concepts, Kathy Karkut

With support from the staff of the museum: Diana Gore, Ashley Mendes

The Museum acknowledges support from the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Sites and Veterans Affairs Canada.