Toothless: A History of Dentures

A lasting bond to the past.

Toothless: a history of dentures explores the colourful history of dentures in western dentistry and the quest for the oral ideal.

Dentures are now a common part of life, with most people knowing at least one person who wears a set. The earliest set of dentures were made from bone, ivory or wood, some of them even containing real human teeth, sometimes taken from various battlefields. During the 1700s and 1800s, dentists worked to develop new and innovative materials to help replace patients’ teeth. This exhibition will allow visitors to discover the various developments up to today, and observe a selection of dentures and accessories from one of the largest collection in the country.

Come see this interesting exhibit containing many unique pieces, such as a large collection of 18th century dentures and even the cast of John Diefenbaker’s teeth!


Credit and Special Thanks for this exhibit go to,

Curator: Maxime Chouinard

Curator emeritus: Dr. Ralph Crawford

Consulting dentists: Dr. Ed O'Neill and Dr. David Tessier

Exhibit Design: Kathy Karkut

Graphic Design: Jenny Stepa

Special thanks to: 

Dr. Russel E. Boyce, Kingston and District Dental Society, Dr. Waji Khan, and Nobel Biocare