2009 Margaret Angus Research Fellowship Evening

2009 Margaret Angus Research Fellowship Evening

Each year the Margaret Angus Research Fellow is selected by the Museum from a pool of qualified applicants. The appointed Fellow spends the duration of the six-month program researching and preparing a manuscript reflecting the history of health and health care as expressed by components of the Museum's collection. Each year, usually in October, the paper is presented by the fellow to an audience at the Museum, to the delight of the public and professionals alike.

This year’s Margaret Angus Research Fellowship Evening Presentation was titled:

From Laboratory Instrument to Powerful Diagnostic Tool:
The Impact of the Electrocardiogram on the Clinical Diagnosis of Heart Disease, 1900-1970

By Leanne Shapton

Held on Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 7:00 pm

The Museum would like to thank the following:

•    Our 2009 Research Fellow, Leanne Shapton
•    Dr. Hugh Pross, Master of Ceremonies
•    Gwen Stevenson (Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario) for her presentation
•    Louise D. Acton Building, 31 George Street, Queen's University for the use of their Lecture Hall and Facilities, with special thanks to Pamela Hay-Melia
•    Dr. John O. Parker and Dr. Jane Errington for their help in assisting Leanne Shapton with her research
•    Lender of the ECG machine: Dr. Gregory Baran (Machine: Sanborn Viso Cardiette electrocardiogram machine, purchased by Kingston General Hospital, circa 1945)
•    Museum volunteers Sheila Cornett and Denniese Ruiz