2009 Matching Gift Campaign Results

 Successful 2009 Matching Gift Campaign

The Museum of Health Care remains grateful to all the generous supporters who contribute each year and every year. 

This year in July we were provided with a Matching Gift donation to start our Matching Gift Campaign in hopes of raising $10,000 in new donations towards our operation budget.  Starting this challenge off was a $5,000 commitment from a generous local couple and this news traveled fast. 

We obtained an additional $3,000 commitment from additional local community members which provided a new raising goal of $13,000.  Contributors making new gifts of $100 or more before November 16, 2009 contributed to this challenge.

With great success we fulfilled the full potential of this Matching Gift Campaign and raised a total of $5,365.00 in new gifts, bringing our grand total to $13,365.00.


With warm hearts we would like to thank all our contributors that made this Matching Gift Campaign a true success:

Themometer for 2009 Matching Gift Campaign

  • Anonymous Donor(s)
  • Mrs. Faith Avis
  • Dr. Greg and Mrs. Baran
  • Dr. Alice J. Baumgart
  • Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Elaine Berman
  • Dr. Colin and Mrs. Valerie Blyth
  • Dr. Peter Bryson and Ms. Gayle Barr
  • Dr. Tom Challis
  • Dr. Timothy and Dr. Margaret Chandler
  • Mrs. Katherine Crothers
  • Mr. Steve and Mrs. Peggy Cruickshank
  • Dr. James Day
  • Mr. Ian Fraser and Mrs. Janine Schweitzer
  • Mr. Peter and Mrs. Arlene Glynn
  • Mr. Hugh and Mrs. Carolyn Gorwill
  • Henrietta Kilfoyle, Treasurer 
  • Dr. Nathan Kaufman
  • Dr. William W. Kendrick
  • Mr. Dean Lain
  • Mr. Norman and Mrs. Lori Low
  • Ms. Carol F. Q. Mackillop
  • Dr. R. David Macklin
  • Ms. Nancy Matheson
  • Mrs. Marion McNevin
  • Major General Frank and Mrs. Anne Norman
  • Mrs. Alice L. Paul
  • Ms. Michelle Podhy
  • Dr. Hugh and Dr. Diane Pross
  • Dr. Michael and Dr. Jennifer Raymond
  • Marian A. Reid
  • Dr. Walter and Mrs. Janet Rosser
  • Mr. Sonny and Mrs. Gillian Sadinsky
  • Mrs. Fran Siemonsen
  • Dr. Howard D. and Mrs. Mary Steele
  • Ms. Ruth Dafoe Taylor
  • Mrs. Velma Vosper
  • Ms. Marie Warner