Why Your Membership is Important to Us

Why Your Membership is Important to Us

Thank you for your interest in our work.  Members have made it possible for the Museum to grow ever stronger, intensifying its programs and services, all while managing its limited resources wisely. 

Top 10 reasons why the Museum needs your support this year:

10. Because private donations and membership contributions fund more than 62¢ of every $1.00 spent each year (2011), sustaining Museum operations.

9. Because enhancing the public’s understanding of the history and science of health and health care is proving to be so valuable to Canadian society.

8. Because the over 15 Museum education program options delivered to over 1000 students every year, instils a recognition of the importance of health care history in our youth

7. Because offering national access to our collection of more than 35,000 artefacts online – 24/7 -- requires a dedicated team of skilled professionals.

6. Because assembling and maintaining representative collections of artefacts and archival materials -- for all the health care disciplines -- requires research, persistence and stamina!

5. Because experienced professional and curatorial staff members are essential, and in short supply everywhere. It’s critical for us to retain them here.

4. Because despite our prudent resource management practices and enhanced operational efficiencies, the Museum still requires a significant amount of sustainable funding annually.

3. Because ALL donations (large and small) make a real difference – permitting the Museum to survive, and perhaps to thrive.

2. Because the $50,000 needed this year to offset funding no longer available from traditional sources....is a lot of money to find in a short period of time!

…and finally, the #1 reason -

1. Because only with your thoughtful, ongoing support can we continue to preserve the legacy of Canadian healthcare for the generations that follow...

In addition to becoming a new member or renewing your membership, we hope you will consider making a gift to help advance the Museum’s important work. Your contributions will be acknowledged immediately and your donation is eligible for an official receipt, suitable for income tax purposes.

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