Back Brace Donation - Mr. Barris (2008)

Museum of Health Care accepts an artefact donation – Back Brace (2008)

Mr. Barris made an official presentation of the back brace to the Museum and was interviewed by reporters present (a story and photograph ran the next day in the Kingston Whig Standard; another story is scheduled for the KGH Spectrum).  In addition to the artefact, Mr. Barris also gave a monetary donation to the MHC.  Interviews were aided by Mr. Barris’ animated and engaging speaking fashion.

The Barris and Ballinger families said they were very impressed with the Museum and its collections and said that it compared favourably with other medical museums they have seen in Europe. (Curatorial staff gave the Bellingers a brief tour of collections storage).  The Bellingers said that they would like to return again to see the Museum in more detail.