NAME THAT ARTEFACT Event for KGH Nurses' Alumnae - October 21, 2009

NAME THAT ARTEFACT - October 21, 2009

On October 21, 2009 the Kingston General Hospital (KGH) Nurses’ Alumnae had a dinner and the Museum of Health Care was there offering the entertaining game “Name That Artefact”

Each game player received a play card with the correct names of each artefact and on the table beside each artefact we provided a clue and a letter. 

The object: Match the artefact letter with the name on the score card.

Many of the KGH Nurses’ Alumnae had a lot of fun guessing the artefacts. 

Image of Paul Robertson and Leslee Thompson

Along with the many KGH Nurses' Alumnae, Leslee J. Thompson, the current President/CEO of Kingston General Hospital participate in this game.



Please let us know if you would like the Museum involved in your next gathering
with one of our “Name That Artefact” games.