A Day in the Life of the Phalange Family - Summer 2010 Family Programs

Here are some photos and highlights from our 2010 "A Day in the Life of the Phalange Family" Summer Family Programs. To be the first to know about our 2011 Summer Family Programs, please click here and fill out a subscription form to receive our Family Programs E-Notices! For even more family fun this summer, consider booking a KGHistory for Kids guided outdoor memory & mapping activity - click here for more information!

A Day in the Life of the Phalange Family
Summer 2010 Family Programs for Ages 6 and Up 

We had a wonderful time welcoming kids and parents/guardians to the Museum of Health Care for messy and marvelous summer programs on Sunday, July 18 and Sunday, August 15, 2010. 

Please see below for photos from the programs, a radio interview about the programs that was featured on FLY 98.3 FM's "Family Matters" segment, and our promotional poster. 

The Museum would like to thank all those who attended the programs and extend a special thank you to Public Programs Assistants Nicole Belej-Corrigan and Morgan Copeman and volunteer presenters Bani Falcon, Danielle Bentley, Kristina Enciso, and Richard Huang for all their hard work and enthusiasm.

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"Phyllis Phalange is a doctor, Florence Phalange is a nurse, Pansy Phalange is a druggist! Come to the Museum of Health Care to laugh and discover with the Phalanges and learn about these amazing professions! Brew medical potions, make a cast for Sammy the Snake's broken bones, and race to be the fastest surgeon!"

Catherine Toews, museum manager, spoke about the programs during 98.3 FLY FM's "Family Matters" segment on Monday, June 28. Click here to listen to the interview!

Check out some photos from "A Day in the Life of the Phalange Family"!